Quick Facts about Career Ascend Inc.

Maximize English is the Registered Trademark of Career Ascend Inc. Career Ascend Inc. was formed in 2009 by two residents of Michigan who have had over their careers a lot of interaction with technology workers in Asia, South America and other south East Asian countries.
Maximize English's goal is to equip a new international workforce with strong communication skills to be able to take up assignments / job opportunities where there is a lot of communication with Americans.
Maximize English is an interactive course built with instructional screens having audio content. Assessment screens have engaging audio and visual exercises.
The founders strongly feel that a key gap that exists between the international community and Americans is the inability to effectively communicate primarily because of the nuances in American spoken English.
This course has been hosted on one of the worlds leading learning management systems called Moodle.
The Spoken American English course has been developed with inputs from three American and two International Subject Matter Experts who have designed the course to be an effective learning experience for non-native students of the English language with spoken English challenges.

Addressing Today’s Business need in English Communication

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In today's world, it has become a necessity for people of the world to communicate effectively in the world's business language - English.

While English as a language is taught around the world, some of us still find it challenging to communicate effectively with Americans. The reason for this is that American's have their own unique pronunciations, proverbs and cultural terms. The objective of this course is to provide a short effective course which will help anyone come up to speed on some of these nuances.

At Maximize English we are committed to your success! We have helped hundreds of students, executives, professionals and companies with their English communication training needs.

our staff

Gina Smith
Gina Smith – Course Administrator

Gina is responsible for supporting course trainers and course attendees.
Jane Edwards
Jane Edwards –Instructional Specialist
Jane is an instruction specialist in conversational English and is responsible for continuous improvement of the Maximize English™ course.
Sarah O’Donnell
Sarah O’Donnell -Director - Subject Matter Expert

Sarah is a subject matter expert in online education and looks after Career Ascend Inc’s various course offerings including Maximize English™

Value and Affordability

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Since the Maximize English product has been developed for non-western market, the founders have taken special care to maintain a balance between the affordability of the product and the value it provides to English students all over the world. Compared to some competing products in the market the Maximize English product comes in at least 55% cheaper with a retail price of US $199. In addition our teams have designed a highly interactive, audio based product catering to the needs of people with spoken English challenges.