How is the Spoken English Course Organized?

Foundation: Each of the modules in the "How to Speak American English" language course begins with foundation material to give you a clearer understanding of how American English conversations work. These include audio pronunciation guides.

Conversations: You will meet a cast of characters and get to know them through a series of conversations. These conversations are typical of what you could hear at a college or university, in the workplace or an American home.

Definitions: In addition to reading text, there are also detailed explanations of the phrases used with audio clips to let you hear what the words sound like. This gives you an opportunity to practice saying the different phrases for yourself.

Audio Essays: Learning to speak American English would not be complete without understanding how and when to use the many different phrases as well as what NOT to say.

Vocabulary: You will learn a different kind of vocabulary in this course based on idioms or the expressions that dominate American English conversations as well as slang which can be used in social and business conversations.

Assessments: The assessments in each module will raise your comfort level in speaking, writing and reading American English conversations, not just to memorize a list of words.

Webquests: These projects will help you explore and understand the many different ways American English is used.

American English is not the same as British English

The structure of all languages varies in the way they use vowels and consonants; the way these parts of speech are used in other languages is very different from the way they are used in American English.

Many people think that it is only the accent that separates British English from American English. The truth is, that although they come from the same source, American English has a completely unique system of spelling and pronunciation from British English.

This was not the case when the first settlers arrived in America. The major change in the way English is spoken in the United States came as a result of the Revolutionary War in 1776. To completely break free of England's influence, America needed its own language.

Noah Webster is responsible for the first major changes in the complex British spelling of English words. Along with John Bartlett's "Dictionary of Americanisms" the United States established their identity with American English.

As time progressed, many words from the vocabularies of immigrants and the regional dialects used throughout the United States have become a part of American English, creating a vibrant language that is still evolving with new words being added every year.

Spoken English Course Assessments and Certification

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What must I do to pass the course?
There are practice assessments at the end of every module based on lesson content which includes exercises and webquest assignments. Additionally there are final assessments at the end of every Level (Level has four modules). Students are expected to complete assessments and assignments in every module / level before they begin the next part of the course.

Extra credit projects can be completed offline and submitted via email to Career Ascend but these do not take the place of any exercise or the assessment quiz.

Regular attendance is very important to ensure success. Students should dedicate at least 1 hour a day to complete each module of the course.
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What will I receive when I pass the course?
You will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Career Ascend when you successfully complete the course. There are two levels of completion; honor grade and standard grade.

Honor Grade: Is awarded to a student who achieves a 85% correct score on the total course assessments.

Standard Grade: Is awarded to a student who achieves a 65% correct score on the total course assessments.

Students who score less than 50% correct on the total course assessments should take the course again.