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We are among the Leading Online Spoken English Courses developed by certified trainers and supported by subject matter experts.

Maximize English™ is an online Spoken American English Course specifically designed for students and professionals around the world who would like to improve English communication and in general improve their spoken English skills.

The founders of this company recognized the need for an effective spoken English course and got together a team of English language experts to create one of the world's leading spoken English courses.

Our twelve module course is designed to help participants improve spoken English and succeed in today's highly competitive social and business environment.
Spoken English Challenge
Maximize English's Spoken American English Course is geared towards students, executives and professionals with basic to intermediate English communication skills.

The Challenge: Most non-native English educated people face one or more of the below challenges while dealing with native English speakers / Americans:

1. Communication gaps because of American accent.

2. Communication gaps because of inability to understand some commonly used American phrases.

3. Communication gaps because of pronunciation of commonly used words and phrases.
Benefits of the Course
The ability to communicate in American English faster, and to make it easier for American English speakers to understand you. The "How to Speak American English" course will strengthen your pronunciation and use of English for:

1. Greetings and Introductions

2. Expressions for Social and Business Conversations

3. Instructions and Procedures

4. Descriptions of People, Places and Things

5. Clarifications, Questions and Confirmations

6. Social and Business Etiquette

Spoken English Course / Module Structure Ensures Improvement in English Communication

online Spoken American English Course
The Maximize English™ course is structured into three levels containing a total of twelve modules. The levels are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The objective of the modules is to take a learner progressively through different levels so that a level of competency is achieved by the end of the course.

Each module has a Practice Assessment and every level has a final assessment. The Practice assessment is to help a learner practice some tests while the final assessment will grade a learner's performance. Certification of course will be based on the successful completion of all Final Assessments

Preview of Maximize English Spoken English Course